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  • The Beekeeper's Daughter
    The Beekeeper's Daughter First loves can sometimes last a lifetime and by doing so colour all the hours of the days in the years that are to follow. When Grace Hamblin, daughter of the head gardener and beekeeper,  falls in love with Rufus Duncliffe, son of Lord and lady Penselwood little did she know where it would lead as she was only fourteen and dazzled by his raffish splendour.
  • All Day And A Night
    All Day And A Night This is Alafair's tenth book and it shows as she writes with clarity and certainty, which can be difficult when dealing with many characters and murders. The clues are revealed and unraveled within a framework of information and planning, keeping the reader in the loop at all times. As the author was a former Deputy District Attorney, and is currently a Professor of Law, she writes with authority.
  • 100 Australian Legends - The People Who Shaped a Nation
    100 Australian Legends - The People Who Shaped a Nation In this superb collection of Famous Australians, photographer Richard Simpkin has created a book that encapsulates much of the history of the Australian people. In doing so has delivered a ‘memoir’ to so many who have added that little bit extra to shape not only the past, but the future of Australia.
  • Road to Ambo
    Road to Ambo When times were tough, Adam Andrews turned to his music. When times were good he did the same: as each of life’s joys and challenges were presented to him he found that creating a piece of music helped him through. Take the time to sit and truely listen to this inspirational collection of universal emotions delivered with feeling and love.
  • Love, Live, Forgive – Insights from Artists
    Love, Live, Forgive – Insights from Artists I opened this latest compilation of stories from Justin St Vincent in the middle of the book, simply because I could. The words that came immediately to view are from  the Artistic Director of the Washington Master Chorale, Thomas Colohan, ‘ When I stand in front of my chorus and hear their unified voices raised in song, I know I am hearing the very heart of compassion, the true voice of humanity’. These words struck a powerful chord.
  • Deadly Obsession
    Deadly Obsession Young Detective Lexie Rogers is back in another tantalising thriller when she and her partner Brad Sommers are called to the scene of a murder at one of the popular Sydney beaches on an chilly winters morning. The body of a young woman has been found, beautifully laid out with her hands holding red rose.  The red rose is obviously significant but at this early stage the question is why? Why was she murdered and why was she holding the rose?
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