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  • Sober is the New Black
    Sober is the New Black This is a very brave look at exactly what it takes and the commitment required to be able to ‘kick the habit’, in a world where enjoying a drink, or three, is normal.  There is no medical advice, expert theories, homilies or other such support information in the pages, just one woman’s struggle with and efforts to live her life free from alcohol, which makes this a very powerful, reflective look at how she and we, by association in the greater more of things, choose to live our life.
  • Tumbledown Manor
    Tumbledown Manor What a satisfying story this is! Laced with humorous lines and very human parenthood blunders, the story relates how Lisa's life is about to undergo radical changes. Her husband of twenty three years has discovered a soul mate by the name of Belle (or Cow bell) as Lisa calls her. When it seems the marriage is ended, Lisa decides to move back to Australia where she was born.
  • Coming Soon: Reluctantly Charmed
    For those of you who love a great story laced with warmth and humor as well as the difficulties of coping with a raft of Irish ‘little people’ and their crusade to supposedly right a historical list of wrongs, you will be totally captivated with Reluctantly Charmed by new author Ellie O’Neill that, although is not In the shops until October, is one to look out for and put on your 'to read' list. Set in Ireland, so it's a sure winner, it tells the tale of what happens when you accept an inheritance and unwittingly fall foul of the little folk. Funny, witty and charming it is surely one to put on your to read list
  • The Skirmish
    The Skirmish To put it bluntly this is a book that gamers will love as it is action packed, fast moving, contains a lot of detail on guns, and small arms, ammo,  fast chases, destruction and death. Don’t let this put you off because once you get past all of that the plot is really very good.
  • One Kick
    One Kick Kick Lannigan has got history: History she has worked hard at placing behind her. It doesn’t always work as she has a face that is well known to the press and the porn industry and a mother who has dedicated her life to supporting other parents of kidnap victims. Kidnapped in plain view Kick spent six years living a life that was totally false, hiding from other people and learning far, far more about life on the wrong side of the law than she ever should have known.
  • Buddhism for Couples
    Buddhism for Couples In her usual understated manner Sarah Napthali has bought us another gem in this latest offering to couples. Her trademark sense of humour and innate sense of honesty shines through as she tackles the tricky subject of couples and in particular marriage.
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