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  • Emerald Springs
    Emerald Springs Fleur McDonald has once again managed to capture the essence of the outback in Emerald Springs, a town like so many small towns in the Australian outback; a town where everyone knows you and also knows your business, whether they do or not.
  • Grace: A biography
    Grace: A biography It has taken an author and cultural journalist of Thilo Wydra's outstanding ability to present such a well-researched and documented biography.  Every statement, conversation and fact is backed up by a reference.  At the end of the book, there is an interview with Prince Albert who acknowledges the efforts, accuracy and detail that the author has maintained.  There is a large appendix, a chronology of years in Grace's life, a film-ology and a bibliography.
  • The Dream Snatcher
    The Dream Snatcher This fantasy story for young readers contains all the elements of a fantasy genre, put together in an excellent and cohesive manner. Moll, the gypsy girl who knows that she is different, and Gryff, the wild cat, who is always at her side face their adventures together. 
  • Reg Saunders: Indigenous War Hero
    Reg Saunders: Indigenous War Hero During the Great War (World War 1) and subsequently World War 2 many indigenous Australians joined the Australian Armed Forces serving overseas with little recognition. Reg Saunders was the first indigenous Australian solider to become and officer, a position which was earned on merit, respect and intelligence.
  • Hooray: It's A New Royal Baby
    Hooray: It's A New Royal Baby As the title suggests, this book shows the Royal William, Kate and Baby George welcoming their new son and brother, pre-empting the real event.  Although the story could be about any young family bringing home a new baby, it is quite representative of a Royal Family.
  • Heart Song
    Heart Song A single delicate note, conception: growing into the birth of a fully fledge composition, so delicate and light, ethereal and transcendental, allowing you the time and place to simply be; to sit, to listen to think or to dream.
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  • Mawson's Huts Foundation
    Mawson's Huts Foundation

    The Mawson's Huts Foundation has been established to conserve the unique, historical buildings known as Mawson's Huts, base for one of the most significant expeditions in Antarctic history. Sir Douglas Mawson, a geologist, who led the Australiasion Antarctic Expedition of 1911, landed a party of 18 at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay in January, 1912, and remained there until December 1913. The site was not visited again until Mawson returned in 1931 with the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition and then not again until the 1950's. Only a concerted public campaign would save and conserve this historic site for all Australians, and the Mawson's Huts Foundation was formed in 1996 for this purpose. The Foundation has been involved with five conservation expeditions to Cape Denison, working in partnership with the Australian Government through the Minister for Environment and Heritage, the Australian Antarctic Division and the Australian Heritage Division.

    Formed in 1996, the Foundation is raising funds from the Australian Government and corporate and private sponsors to ensure that this vital part of Australia's Antarctic heritage remains intact. The Mawson's Huts Historic Site consists of the main hut, magnetograph house, the transit hut, the ruined absolute magnetic hut and a memorial cross to Ninnis and Mertz, along with a plaque recording the territorial claim Mawson made on his return for one night in 1931.

    The Cape Denison site is also recognised internationally under the Antarctic Treaty as a Historic Site and Monument, an Antarctic Specially Protected Area and an Antarctic Specially Managed Area. It is also inscribed on both the National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage registers. courtesy Allen & Unwin

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