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  • Blood Of Avalon
    Blood Of Avalon Billed as the secret history of the royals this is a deep and fascinating look into the accessorial history or genealogical trail, if you like, for today’s modern royal family. Fine detail backed by many years of research and collaboration have gone into tracing whether King Arthur and the town of Camelot really existed or whether it is a myth perpetuated down over the centuries to become one of the world’s most romantic tragedies.
  • Making Soapies in Kabul
    Making Soapies in Kabul In a moment of complete impulsiveness, some may even say madness, Trudi-Ann Tierney agreed to go to Afghanistan to help out a friend of a mate who had just taken on an job as head of production for the country’s largest and most successful television broadcaster. LIttle did she know just what she had agreed to undertake, Kabul style.
  • The Farm
    The Farm Who do you believe when you mother rings you to say your father is trying to get her committed and he is not to be trusted. He is telling lies and she is not mad, she is the one who is being wronged. Then your father rings to tell you that if your mother rings you should not believe what she has to say as she is ill; she has been imagining things and these things are so very, very wrong.
  • 50/60/70 Iconic Australian Houses - Three Decades of Domestic Architecture
    50/60/70 Iconic Australian Houses - Three Decades of Domestic Architecture Released to compliment an exhibition of Iconic Australian Houses at the Museum of Sydney in April this collection of some of the best domestic architecture to come out of the post war years is available in book format for all to enjoy. For those who are aficionados of Grand Designs or similar, budding architects, or simply have a love of good design this is a collection which should be taken seriously
  • The Girl With A Clock For A Heart
    The Girl With A Clock For A Heart When George Foss started College he fell in love with the girl of his dreams, sexy, intelligent, the all-round American girl, Liana. They just clicked. She left for the break and died! Or did she?
  • No Goodbyes. Insights from the Heaven World
    No Goodbyes. Insights from the Heaven World When Barry Eaton writes it is very definitely worth the read and in No Goodbyes he elaborates further on the information he shared in his first book ’Afterlife’. He has divided this book up into specific areas that relate directly to what comes next and what does happen once you leave this very ‘mortal coil’ through the medium of some very powerful, insightful and enjoyable characters who have definitely left us and are now enjoying their time of sharing the next step.
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