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  • Switch
    Switch When Nathan Goodman hit the middle years his life took a dramatic change. Not one he had planned on, but one never the less. His wife of 35 years, Sylvia left him for her gym instructor.
  • The Melody Lingers On
    The Melody Lingers On As with all works from this celebrated author, take a deep, deep breath and jump right into intrigue, danger, mystery and in this case, plots, within plots, within plots, which makes this murder mystery one of her best yet.
  • The Secret to Being Fashionably Sober and Fabulous
    The Secret to Being Fashionably Sober and Fabulous When Rachel Black faced the reality that she had somehow managed to become an alcoholic while out partying and being the life of the party, it was a shocking wake-up call. More than two years ago she had to make some very hard choices; keep on going the way she was and spiraling steadily downwards, or stop drinking altogether.
  • Phantoms
    Phantoms Recently released, this eclectic jazz mix album ‘Phantoms’ from sax player Jeremy Trezona, brings a refreshing feel to the jazz genre. Soon to be available in vinyl, it was considered the correct medium for the music as it was recorded live and mixed on an analogue desk which, Trezona believes, has helped to retain the warmth of the sound.
  • Trezona talks about the album ‘Phantoms”
    Trezona talks about the album ‘Phantoms” Having moved to L.A .from Perth, Western Australia in order to study at University of Southern California (USC),I completed my Master’s degree and have  gone on to record my first album in ‘Phantoms’, something I have wanted to be able to do for some time.
  • A Travellers Year - 365 Days of Travel Writing in Diaries, Journals and Letters
    A Travellers Year - 365 Days of Travel Writing in Diaries, Journals and Letters This is a truly magnificent tome. For people who enjoy travel writing, a dash of history, and may have travelled themselves, this is magic. The compilers of these articles say in the Introduction, that a reader can take off “On a fresh excursion, each and every day of the year”. It is true, these stories are to be savoured a few at a time.
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