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  • Where the Wild Mums Are
    Where the Wild Mums Are Every Mum knows exactly how this Mum feels when she simply decides ENOUGH! She does not get dressed and storms off up the stairs when Dad says she is like a wild thing! She’s gone on strike! Mum decides to retire to her bubble bath and the family can look after themselves for once.
  • Girl’s Guide to Survival
    Girl’s Guide to Survival Hidden behind the covers of this little book filled with household hints and tips is an entire world of things you want to know, wished you had known and for those who think they know it all, there are even some things to add to your knowledge base. Basically, there is something here that will solve your entire cleaning, decorating, moving house, catering for more than one person, birthdays and even modern manners issues.
  • Still A Pygmy
    Still A Pygmy Isaac Bacirongo is a man who can stand tall, even though he is short in stature, not for any other reason than he is a man from the Congo: a man who comes from a race of people who are hunter gatherers and have been since the late Stone Age; the Pygmy. But how does a man raised in this culture end up living in Sydney? Now a grandfather, he has faced endless challenges to become the first man from his culture to present his story to the world.
  • The Belle of Belfast
    The Belle of Belfast Based on the true story of Isabelle McKittrick as she grows from one of many children in an impoverished Irish Catholic family into adulthood, this is a story of love, hope and incredible courage from a woman who faced the worst life could dish out and survived to walk tall, to walk proud.
  • Anatomia Sumbuci - The Anatomy of the Elder
    Anatomia Sumbuci - The Anatomy of the Elder How best to describe this little wondrous book is the question. Unique, fascinating and astonishing are just a few of the words which come to mind. As you read through the many detailed subject areas, you are taking a peep back to medicine in the Middle Ages, courtesy of a man who dedicated his life to recording the incredible health benefits of the humble Elder tree.
  • The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings
    The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings They come in all shapes and sizes, from the remarkable to the astonishing. From creative to what could be considered as seriously futuristic, the houses of this millennium to date have begun to redefine the standards and scope of architecture like never before.
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