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  • The low HI Diet – How to get clean and lean
    The low HI Diet – How to get clean and lean Dieting has been a hot topic on the TV and airwaves lately, possibly due to the rising rate of obesity in Australia and other areas of the world.  Fad diets, whatever the name, have been slated as failing to do what is required and in some instances doing more harm than good to the person trying to lose weight and regain their health.
  • Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
    Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day Originally released over forty years ago, this story has never lost its appeal or become dated. At that time, most children's books told stories that were sweet or sometimes adventurous or classic tales and mostly uplifting. Maurice Sendak broke that mould with “Where the wild things are”!  Judith Viorst recognized that children see the injustices of life and that things are often NOT FAIR!
  • Lists of Note
    Lists of Note Did you know that nursery rhymes are full of violence! Well, according to Geoffrey Chandler-Taylor in 1952, after having analysed more than 200 traditional nursery rhymes, came to the conclusion that more than half of these harboured ‘unsavoury elements’.  He then went on to publish this information in his book. Following this, he then created a truly magnificent list of the violence found in the said rhymes.
  • The Classics Magpie
    The Classics Magpie Beautifully titled for the content this is definitely a Magpies collection of odd bits and pieces, which becomes addictive after reading the first story relating to Chariot racing and Roman hooliganism circa AD 51-96: after all what is really new in the world! Now it is just very fast cars.
  • Whispers the Falling Snow
    Whispers the Falling Snow Track one lets you straight into the ambience of the music as you can almost hear the snowflakes gently falling, the cold crispness of a still winters night and the depth of awe that comes just before the dawning of a new day. Beautiful, soft and gentle, let the peace wash over you.
  • A Bean, A Stalk and and Boy Named Jack
    A Bean, A Stalk and and Boy Named Jack This is NOT the story of Jack and the beanstalk! 'It is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book about a boy called Jack and a magic bean. Each double page features some print and at least a full coloured page of bright illustration.
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