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  • Criky and Cat
    Criky and Cat Crikey and Cat are off on an adventure when they go out one night and realise all the stars are gone from the sky, so they set out to try and find just where they have gone.
  • Opening Heaven’s Door
    Opening Heaven’s Door What Happens when we die is the million dollar question we all would like the answer too, if at all possible. After all it is a given that sooner or later we will find out, via a firsthand experience. But in today’s world, where there has to be an answer for everything, or at least some sort of an explanation, Patricia Pearson has gone some way to supplying some of the answers in this look at what the dying are trying to tell us about what comes next.
  • Mrs D is Going Without
    Mrs D is Going Without Lotta is an organizational whizz! She is a mother of three young boys, happily married to a TV presenter, who has just been offered a promotion, and is herself studying she considers herself as a super-efficient, high achieving, and a good time gal. Her husband has just announced that the promotion will mean their family will have to relocate to Auckland from Wellington. He is frequently flying off to one job or another, leaving Lotta to manage the selling and packing up of their home. She does this very efficiently and all seems well on the surface.
  • Macavity – The Mystery Cat
    Macavity – The Mystery Cat Macavity the Cat is back entertaining children with his naughtiness, 75 years after first being born as a very naughty cat who somehow was never at the scene of his crime, no matter how hard they tried to catch him. This is a timeless tale of a cat who always seemed to be somewhere else when things seem to go mysteriously missing.
  • The Mammoth Book of Brain Games
    The Mammoth Book of Brain Games Well, it has finally arrived: the book you give to those who have everything: the book that is so filled with puzzles that in spite of the blurb on the back cover recommending you do one a day for 365 days, you will either do one a day, challenge yourself and do an entire weeks’ worth in one hit or alternatively look at the first one, classed as simple and easy to do and go, great gift for someone else.
  • God is an Astronaut
    God is an Astronaut Usually when we read a book the story-line, characters and plot are revealed by description, conversations and interaction between various characters. This story is completely different!  The whole story is told via a complete set of emails from one person.  At first it appeared this may give a very limited view of the story, but as the emails from Jess to Arthur continue, much more information is revealed and alluded to.  Arthur is away researching pine trees in a snowy northern wilderness.
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