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  • Belzhar
    Belzhar This novel is a wonderful blend of realism and fantasy. In today's society, teenager readers are aware of cruelty and bullying and the depression that can result from this. They have an opportunity to relate to the characters, or wonder, “What would I do in that situation”. There is also a strong message here about actions affecting your future life.
  • Jonah from Tonga
    Jonah from Tonga Yes, well what can one say about a graphic novel full of this totally uncouth, to use an old fashioned word, youth who seems to have some sort of appeal to the ‘whatever’ generation. Looking below the obvious, which you have to do unless you enjoy reading a lot of expletive, the underlying message seems to be a total ‘up yours’, towards the establishment, portraying that anarchy rules or at least should, in his family and surroundings at least.
  • Professor Stewarts Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries
    Professor Stewarts Casebook of Mathematical Mysteries This is the third edition in this bestselling series of maths and will be eagerly devoured by not only lovers of mathematical mysteries, but by lovers of a totally good mystery story. Due to the outstanding success of the last book, it follows that this offers a continuum to tease the mind of loves of mathematics and frustrate the daylights out of non-maths lovers who simply want to follow the story of Hemlock Soames and his sidekick Dr Whatsup, and perhaps along the way solve the occasional puzzle; mathematical puzzle that is.
  • Amelie and Nanette Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes
    Amelie and Nanette Snowflakes and Fairy Wishes Just in time for Christmas reading or giving is the latest from well-loved author Sophie Tilley and her much loved Amelie and Nanette as they too start to get ready for the Christmas season. The two best friends are very excited as the end of the school years has come and they are getting ready for the Christmas play.
  • Mini Babybel – the best recipes
    Mini Babybel – the best recipes There is obviously more under the striking red wrapper of Babybel cheese than is first anticipated with a raft of new, tasty and delicious ways to cook, serve and temp the pallet; all combined inside the very jazzy cover.
  • Walking Free
    Walking Free This is absolutely an insiders story of how a practising surgeon from a wealthy, respected family in Baghdad, came to Australia as a refugee. I have heard and seen many news reports and television documentaries about refugees, but have never followed one person’s journey from beginning to end. This account is factually told about his hasty decision to “leave now or be shot.”
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