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  • Dear Bluewolf Readers
    Dear Bluewolf Readers You may have all noticed there has been little activity on the site for the past few weeks and no we are not on holidays, we are creating something new and exciting. We at Bluewolf are in the process of having a new site built.  As all things do take time we are all reading and writing madly to bring you a great new selection of titles and music in time for Christmas giving and summer holiday reading When we commenced more than six years ago, our site was at the cutting edge of web design. As we enjoy being up there with the latest of books and alternative music we decided we also needed a new look and have set about creating a site which is  fresh, exciting and easy to navigate around to enjoy the latest reviews. As 2016 moves into our orbit there will also be some new additions to the site which we hope you will all enjoy. So thank you all for your patience and loyalty and we will be back very soon with a fab range of reading and listening. If you want to know what is coming up check out our Facebook page as it has what’s on the list and coming up. Thanks for your help Snoopy!
  • The Changi Book
    The Changi Book The Changi Book has been many, many years in the making and is perhaps more significant now than it may have been, should it have come to fulfilment in the years directly after the ending of WW II and the Japanese surrender in the Pacific.
  • Riddledom
    Riddledom A word of warning before you open this book, only read one Riddle at a time otherwise who knows what is likely to happen.  In this wonderful, maddening, fascinating collection of Riddles you will find the unexpected, the enchanting, the intensely frustrating and infinitely ponderable. The one thing you will not find at any one point is boredom.
  • Illumination of the Heart
    Illumination of the Heart Clear, perfect notes of the flute put you on notice that once again, Deuter has created some blissful, intriguing and transformative music. The introduction is mellow, peaceful, yet slightly up-beat and is an enticing combination of the six musical elements he has selected to create this latest work.
  • Lobster is the best medicine: a collection of comics about friendship
    Lobster is the best medicine: a collection of comics about friendship There are times in life when you simply want to laugh or cry and when your best friend just happens to be there with you, you know you have a true friend; because a true friend is there for you red eyes, puffy face and all.With 'Lobster as the very best medicine', you will simply laugh!
  • Season of Hate
    Season of Hate In this evocative novel of family and society we are drawn back in time to a dusty country town in rural Australia where life seems to have travelled along on the same trajectory for many years, little changing in the township or peoples attitudes. After twenty years absence and as a man with his own young family, Patrick (Pat) McNally returns to the town where he grew up to sell up the family home ‘Kilkenny’, after his father’s death.
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