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  • Dude Food
    Dude Food In 2011, Andrew opened a restaurant called “The Dip.” The recipes in this book are based on comfort food, and satisfying dishes that he serves.  If you are looking for trendy, nouveau cuisine, or vegetarian health foods, you need to stop here.  This is a recipe book of warming, comforting, tasty hotdogs, hamburgers and amazing flavours.
  • Outside the Lines
    Outside the Lines Mental illness! This is a topic that affects many people. The author deals with this issue authentically and sensitively. She shows how not only the patient suffers, but loved ones struggle to lead a “normal life”. The story begins in 2010, showing Eden, the main character, as an adult. The author moves the time frame back to 1989 when the family is a happy, loving unit.
  • Going Round the Bend in Search of Old Tractors
    Going Round the Bend in Search of Old Tractors Ian M. Johnson is an acclaimed author and historian on his chosen subject Tractors, mostly old tractors and for this he makes no excuse. His love affair with these mighty beasts goes back to his boyhood in Scotland during the war years and has continued on to bring him much fun, frustration and laughter over many years.
  • Adelaide: remember when
    Adelaide: remember when If your family and friends are part of the Baby Boomer generation, then share this book with them.  It generates more stories, laughter and “remember when’s” than you could imagine.  My family spent an evening looking at the photos and reading the facts and reminiscing.  Remember the City Baths? They were so crowded that you always hit someone when you jumped or dived in.  Open this book at any page and memories come flooding back.
  • You
    You The moment that you begin to read this story you feel drawn into the mind, thoughts and speech of Joe.  The fact is that his thoughts are askew.  They convince him that the aspiring writer, Bec, who comes into his bookshop and smiles, is the only woman for him.  It is quite frightening to follow his thought processes, and see how one irrational thought or action leads on to another.  For example, Joe wants to get to know Bec better, and his thought processes lead him to stake out her house and to stalk her.
  • Gallipoli: The Landing
    Gallipoli: The Landing In this graphic novel the story which has had a major impact on Australia and Australians is told again from yet another perspective, that of the other side, the side that was carefully built up on the military orders of the day, personal diaries of the men who fought and died at Gallipoli and the photographs still available from one of the most photographed wars in history.
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