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  • Piano Meditations
    Piano Meditations There are four meditative tracks on this release; all totally different to Syversen’s usual style in that each piece has been woven together in totality with vocal harmonization.
  • Phyllis Wong and the Waking of the Wizard
    Phyllis Wong and the Waking of the Wizard This is the third book in the series of Phyllis Wong, magician and amateur sleuth. It contains all the best elements of a book of its genre, and presents them in a wonderful, imaginative style for older readers. Having a female character to initiate the action will appeal to many girls.
  • Learn & Unlearn
    Learn & Unlearn This author is an award winning journalist who has written several books. They all appear to be small -sized, hard -back books. Some of the titles are “The Little Book of Scientific Principles”, “Theories and Things”, and “The Little Book of the Mind”. The size and format of this book is very conducive to picking it up and getting started. It is definitely not a tome to be afraid of, and reads easily and well.
  • At the Water’s Edge
    At the Water’s Edge When Madeline Hyde and husband Ellis go one step to far at yet another party in Philadelphia, they are not only shunned by the polite society, Ellis is also cut off from his financial support, which leaves the couple in a serious dilemma.
  • Japan Journeys
    Japan Journeys Exquisitely beautiful as only Japanese artwork can be, it is a privilege to be able to sit down and enjoy this selection of stunning woodblock prints which tells the story of the Japanese people as they discovered tourism; discovered places further afield than just their town or village.
  • In Mortal Danger
    In Mortal Danger This second novel and follow-on from ‘Resisting the Enemy’ is a well-constructed and enjoyable sequel that flows well even if you did not read the first book, which is tribute to the author. The characters are very comfortable to get to know and you immediately slip into the world of France during the German Occupation, to a time when life was tough and the wrong step could get you killed, simply to prove a point.
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