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  • Keep it Vegan
    Keep it Vegan Written unashamedly by born again vegan, Aine Carlin in a desire to share great food, vegan style, she has created, cooked and presented a range of dishes that are simply mouth-watering and will temp even the most determined omnivore with simple easy meals from seasonal and dried ingredients. There is also a great little introductory section explaining the route taken to choose the eating style of vegan which is interesting and, pardon the pun, does give food for thought.
  • Lyrebird Hill
    Lyrebird Hill Two stories, different but similar: Two women from the same family living more than 100 years apart with both lives filled with change and tragedy. Is there a curse on the family, or is it simply the way things are in life. Set in Australia this is a story which will keep you engrossed until the last page.
  • The Colour of the Night
    The Colour of the Night  This is a story of despairing characters with devastating backgrounds living in close proximity in an inner Melbourne suburb. Nick the Greek landlord pops in and out of the story and has a dream to dig out a cellar underneath his building. His optimism is welcome.
  • An Outback Nurse
    An Outback Nurse When Thea Hayes accepted a nursing position on Wave Hill Station in the Northern Territory, she did so reluctantly; all the while hoping someone else might come along and accept the job. They didn’t and after her first day as nurse, hostess and housekeeper on the second largest property in the world under one management, she realised she had fallen in love with as well as developed a deep fascination with the outback, just like that!
  • Paper Aeroplanes
    Paper Aeroplanes Billed as the ‘best poet of his generation’ for his contemporary and confrontational style, Armitage’s work certainly grabs attention. His use of the English language to portray in so few words stark images is outstanding.
  • Naam Radiance
    Naam Radiance The words are more than 600 years old, the music is months old and comes together under the skilful, creative energy of Megan Chaskey as she weaves both her instrumental and vocal talents to combine the ancient with the modern in a wonderful healing and meditative  collection of melodies and chants.
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