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  • Thoughts of Tomorrow
    Thoughts of Tomorrow Starting out with an tremendously upbeat track in Brazil, you immediately think of flamboyance and party time but equally as quickly move into a time and place one can only call reflective and melodic, slow and gentle, which, over Gronau’s past few albums has been becoming more and more apparent.
  • Tricky Teens
    Tricky Teens   Tricky Teens undoubtedly follows on from Tricky Kids which only makes sense as does the content of this latest offering on how the mind and emotions of the now teenaged child in your household operates. Let’s face it; you start out with a lovely buddle of joy which in its later years, teen years to be exact,  turns into the child from some other place, certainly can’t be your beloved child and what is happening to my beloved child!
  • The Luck of the Irish
    The Luck of the Irish (how a ship load of convicts survived the wreck of the “Hive” to make a new life in Australia.) This is an intensely researched history of early Australian settlement, focussing on a group of Irish convicts.  The 250 Irish prisoners, who were transported to New South Wales in 1835, were shipwrecked off the coast of Booderee National Park, New South Wales.  All the convicts survived, and were escorted to the Colony by Aboriginal people.
  • Indonesia etc.
    Indonesia etc. This is not a story from the “I’ve been everywhere girl’ travel style memoir, this is a truly riveting and fascinating look into a country and culture that almost defies itself by its difference from Island to Island, with its history, religion, trade and truly spectacular landscape.  This is a rich and in-depth look at just what goes into making Indonesia, Indonesia.
  • Live Happier Live Longer
    Live Happier Live Longer It’s a fact: most of us will grow older and in doing so look back upon years and times spent, emotions discovered, felt and explored and wonder what the years to come will bring. How we will cope with growing older and how we are going to manage days, months and years we all have left to the best advantage. In simple form, how are we going to enjoy our life?
  • Five Kingdoms: Book 1. Sky Raiders
    Five Kingdoms: Book 1. Sky Raiders Although this is billed as the first book in a Fantasy Series for 7-12 year olds, it’s a great read for anyone who loves Fantasy Sci-Fi, as it holds the interest right up until the final word, something that is not always achievable and while definitely Fantasy, could almost be believable.  Well almost! Cole and his friends are having a high old time of it at Halloween, but somehow something goes wrong, but how wrong, Cole is yet to find out.
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