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  • Reiki: Hands of Love
    Reiki: Hands of Love As with all music created by Deuter, it is magnificent; whether it is gentle and melodious or more energetic, it reaches out to touch the soul, to heal, to bring peace, comfort and tranquillity to the listener. ‘Hands of Love’ can be likened to silk on the skin, a deeply sensuous feel which engages as soon as it is felt, as does this serenely enchanting, reflective work.
  • Hansel and Gretel
    Hansel and Gretel It has always been said the at there is more to the traditional fairy tale than just the story about good and evil, but when Neil Gaiman gets hold of it, there is definitely more to it than ever before. In his darkly creative manner, he turns the tale of Hanzel and Gretel inside out and upside down to present the story in a manner that will appeal, horrify and fascinate the modern, and not so modern, reader.
  • Quit Cannabis
    Quit Cannabis Cannabis, the weed that can do you no harm! The happy plant that brings you bliss, release from the daily grind and is not addictive at all! It can’t do you any long term harm, can it? In this very comprehensive look at this little dose of Mother Nature’s cure-all product the experts, and they are that, people who have worked in, and done the research, have delivered  this one-stop-shop all about Cannabis, the effects, the long term destruction and the recovery for long term users of the plant.
  • The Mathematics of Love
    The Mathematics of Love This little book is jammed packed full of information on the subject of love; but not about love as you would expect, that heart fluttering, gooey kind of love, but the mathematics of love and how we, as the people who fall in and out of love do so via mathematics.
  • Smek For President
    Smek For President In this long awaited equal to The Meaning of Smekday we again meet up with Gratuity and her alien off-sider J. Lo as they set out to once again right some wrongs as only they can do but in the meantime and before we get to that bit:..........
  • Still Alice
    Still Alice This is a wonderful, deeply moving, finely portrayed look into the world of Alzheimer’s disease though the eyes of Alice Howland, mother of three, University Professor at Harvard and world renowned linguistics expert. This is her journey into the small, silent and final world of Alzheimer’s.
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  • Mawson's Huts Foundation
    Mawson's Huts Foundation

    The Mawson's Huts Foundation has been established to conserve the unique, historical buildings known as Mawson's Huts, base for one of the most significant expeditions in Antarctic history. Sir Douglas Mawson, a geologist, who led the Australiasion Antarctic Expedition of 1911, landed a party of 18 at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay in January, 1912, and remained there until December 1913. The site was not visited again until Mawson returned in 1931 with the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition and then not again until the 1950's. Only a concerted public campaign would save and conserve this historic site for all Australians, and the Mawson's Huts Foundation was formed in 1996 for this purpose. The Foundation has been involved with five conservation expeditions to Cape Denison, working in partnership with the Australian Government through the Minister for Environment and Heritage, the Australian Antarctic Division and the Australian Heritage Division.

    Formed in 1996, the Foundation is raising funds from the Australian Government and corporate and private sponsors to ensure that this vital part of Australia's Antarctic heritage remains intact. The Mawson's Huts Historic Site consists of the main hut, magnetograph house, the transit hut, the ruined absolute magnetic hut and a memorial cross to Ninnis and Mertz, along with a plaque recording the territorial claim Mawson made on his return for one night in 1931.

    The Cape Denison site is also recognised internationally under the Antarctic Treaty as a Historic Site and Monument, an Antarctic Specially Protected Area and an Antarctic Specially Managed Area. It is also inscribed on both the National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage registers. courtesy Allen & Unwin

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