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  • Whole Food Slow Cooked 100 recipes for the slow-cooker or stovetop
    Whole Food Slow Cooked 100 recipes for the slow-cooker or stovetop It’s that time in the long haul of winter when you are feeling severely jaded. You are over the cold, grey days, can’t think what to cook that is tasty and warming and generally would rather curl up with a book and simply wait until the sun returns to the skies once again. But help is at hand with this wonderful, actually marvellous book chock full of healthy, tasty, and most importantly convenient recipes to help you see the winter days out.
  • Beyond Boarders
    Beyond Boarders Fun, coupled with feel good beats delivered with panache, sets the pace for this incredibly diverse album so let’s get going. Jump on your magic carpet and settle in for the musical ride of the year as you travel from place to place effortlessly with this wonderfully enjoyable collection of world - beat rhythms and pulses, bound loosely together as fusion.
  • The Horses
    The Horses Getting the theme of this story does not take long as it is relatively straight forward and a scenario familiar to many. Set in a private school in the outskirts of Sydney it is somewhat a relic of bygone days; where the boys are expected to wear armour and tend to their horses, rather than attend lessons.
  • Upon Your Canvas
    Upon Your Canvas ‘To leap spellbound into our life as if there was no……as if… all’, is a captivating beginning to the piece entitled ‘Spellbound Leap’ and an exquisite example of the power simple words can have when they are gathered together by the hands of a master in Paul Goldman.
  • The Hand That Feeds You
    The Hand That Feeds You Amy Hemple and Jill Ciment have combined to write this book under the name of A J Rich. It is hard to be precise about which genre to place the story in. It is a murder mystery, psychological thriller, and horror story all rolled into one.
  • Splosh
    Splosh The cover of this book will be a magnet for children. The colours and the shiny paper, the animals and their tracks will attract many little hands. I find it irresistible and can't wait to open the book and read. For our country and cultures to be celebrated in this style is a special achievement. Proceeds from this book will go towards “Indi Kindi”, a literacy programme developed by Ros Moriaty for young indigenous children.
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