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  • Burgers
    Burgers Ah, the humble hamburger. It is no longer humble as it has taken its place firmly amongst the ulinary elite as dish worth noticing and almost demands you should sit up and take some notice. As you will discover there is definitely more to it than a meat patty, sauce, some fried onions and a bun.
  • Miss Carter's War
    Miss Carter's War Without doubt this would have to rank amongst the top ten books you must read this year. Set just after the end of the Second World War Marguerite Carter returns to England in order to study to become a teacher. This is a powerful book based in historic fact, during a time when the old order no longer held true and new ideas where there for the learning, experimenting and the challenge.
  • The Dark Between the Stars
    The Dark Between the Stars In this long awaited sequel to the Seven Suns saga Anderson has delivered yet another epic novel as a follow onto the Saga of the Shadows series. Although this series is set some twenty years on many of the characters beloved in the Seven Suns saga are back again. The human race, having expanded further out into the stars has, by doing so, managed to upset the ancient race of IIdrians, former rulers of the Spiral Arm.
  • Stardust on the Spiritual Path
    Stardust on the Spiritual Path This work is not for the fainthearted as it relates to how and why we are here on this earth and the materialisation that has been instrumental in our being here in the first place. More than a book, it could be considered a course on ancient and modern philosophies in relation to our life pathway based on Vedic astrology, the law of Karma and free will.
  • Travesty
    Travesty Before you read this book make very, very, sure you leave your ideas about life, death and particularly religion firmly some other place, as this is a very cleverly written look at all three of these facts which affect each and every one of us.While it is not the done thing to read the last pages first in any book, in this case do so as it will make the entire life of 'Travesty' considerably more enjoyable.
  • Good Grief – The Genius of Charlie Brown
    Good Grief – The Genius of Charlie Brown Charlie Brown is an all-time favourite whose interesting way of living his life and solving life’s dilemmas has appealed to generations of children and adults alike and he’s back, offering his home grown look at life to another generation.
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