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  • The Sea Devils
    The Sea Devils Mark Felton has written more than twelve books about World War Two.  He also writes regularly for magazines, such as Military History Monthly.  It is noticeable that he has done extensive research for this story.  He has not only accessed Naval Records of the time, but has researched and interviewed some of the main characters.  Much of the information in this story he gleaned first -hand from Naval personnel, and family documents.
  • Cave – Nature and Culture
    Cave – Nature and Culture Caves, yes those subterranean creations have in turn fascinated, awed and terrified ever since man discovered them by either falling into one or actively choosing to slide through a small opening in the earth to see what was at the end. In Cave – Nature and Culture, Crane and Fetcher have blended together fact and culture to create a wonderfully enjoyable look at some of nature’s many intriguing creations, that of Caves.
  • On Brunswick Ground
    On Brunswick Ground Woven together in a delicate manner the stories of four women are told in the aftermath of the murder of Jill Meagher: a senseless killing carried out in their local neighbourhood. Told by the storyteller, or narrator, we never really know who she is other than she too has her demons, and by meeting with and sharing her journey with the others she and they hope, that in time, healing and acceptance will come to each of them.
  • Sidney Nolan – A Life
    Sidney Nolan – A Life Sidney Nolan, was like most people, a man of many parts that made up the whole: that these parts appeared to change and move with the moment, or the time or the muse, were the most compelling components of what eventually made him an artist of note; an artist who appeared to see life in the abstract. In this biography penned by Nancy Underhill she presents the many diverse aspects of the man, to create once again a man of challenge, substance and complexity, who in turn charmed and irritated all he encountered.
  • Liberty Style
    Liberty Style Liberty is a name synonymous with the very best of fashion, design and interiors and epitomises the British love of Avant garde; a love that has remained true to the vision of Arthur Liberty, the man whose dream and vision created an empire.
  • Skin Deep
    Skin Deep This book is a real page turner, fast paced and action packed. It is a political thriller with the twists and turns of other elements thrown in that make it unique. There are surreal aspects to the emergence of mysterious tattoos that appear in the night. The title gives meaning to the context of the story.
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