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  • Thornydevils
    Thornydevils When hard-drinking, hard-living reporter Peter Clancy gets offered a promotion as the Crime reporter for the Truth newspaper he’s not sure if the paper is going broke and this is a joke, or it’s for real! Turns out it’s for real and before he knows it he's heading once again for hated Townsville and the Hilliard trial, both as a witness and surreptitiously as a reporter.
  • The Odd Squad – Bully Bait
    The Odd Squad – Bully Bait Everyone says that your days at school should be some of the best times ever! This may be true for a few children, but  many children would strongly disagree.  Nick, Molly and Karl are the members of the “Odd Squad”, three kids who just don't fit in to school life and the school world. One of the reasons for this is ROY!, the “Mutant Troll Bully” who enjoys putting Nick inside  his own locker.   Because Nick is one of the shortest kids in the school, he fits into the locker neatly, although he does suffer from “Zombie Butt” when his rear end becomes numb.
  • Animals in Combat
    Animals in Combat Animals have been used in combat for many years; many more than realised, going back to times of Hannibal using elephants to cross the Alps to do battle with the Romans, which resulted in huge losses of animal life in the process. Bees have been used to break sieges by being catapulted over the walls in their hives. Bees were also used in World War1 and then again in Vietnam. Snakes were also used in psychological warfare, long before the term was coined.
  • Travelling Sprinkler
    Travelling Sprinkler This is a truly unconventional book, in the writing style, the characters and the storyline. Nicholson is a wordsmith of great imagination; it feels like the reader is actually inside his brain, with the flow of words and ideas passing by to their conclusion. We discover the main character Paul Chowder is a poet who has published an anthology of poems. He is just celebrating his fifty fifth birthday and seems very uncertain about his future, and the direction in which he is moving. Rather like the Travelling Sprinkler, he appears to be moving aimlessly along a twisted hose.
  • Happy Birthday, Royal Baby
    Happy Birthday, Royal Baby It’s the Royal Prince’s first birthday and the Place is in great upheaval once again. There’s a party to plan, guests to invite and presents to buy. Once again Martha Mumford, along with Ada Grey’s fabulous illustrations, has captured the very essence of the special first birthday party beloved of all parents, with wry wit and humour designed to appeal to the little and not so little lovers of an great story and a great birthday party.
  • You should have known
    You should have known This book was a cracker of a read! It has been very well crafted with characters rounded and familiar to the reader. The settings were wonderfully highlighted and varied (from N.Y.'s most exclusive homes, to a cold log cabin) and the plot has many unexpected progressions.
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