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  • Let’s Eat Raw
    Let’s Eat Raw Raw food! So what you say! What’s so fantastic about eating raw food? Well, according to Scott Mathias, raw food is the best way to living a healthy , energetic and vital lifestyle and he has proven this, turning his life of a semi-invalid around, becoming a healthy person enjoying all life can offer;  All by eating his food raw.
  • Pearls from the Heart
    Pearls from the Heart When you are having one of those days, or weeks, or months life has an habit of presenting you with from time to time, Sa Silvano has the answer, or if not the answer, along with some guidance to help you through the tough stuff.
  • Riding a Crocodile - A Physician tale
    Riding a Crocodile - A Physician tale This is an intense and tightly woven story that has layers of complexity.  The health system, hospital life, personnel and ethics are closely woven together with mystery and death.  It is very difficult to put this book down as it is so topical, blending mystery and drama with everyday hospital life.  The dilemma of aged-care, new developments of Technology to extend life and budget constraints, are all topical issues which the  author has used in a rattling good murder mystery.
  • Back of Beyond
    Back of Beyond When Hugh Tindall a was a lad he lived out in the backblocks of Queensland, in the Diamantina river country on a  collective of land, known then as a poor man’s selection, which was nothing but hard work to get it to produce anything. This is his and his families story of making the best out of every circumstance and reflecting back on a time in Australia's history that is no longer.
  • See You Tomorrow
    See You Tomorrow Billed as a majestic page turner as well as intense, riotous and funny it is hard to see where this image comes from as it is more than intense, it is seriously dark! Perhaps it if you enjoy a novel of the moment that, to use a phrase ‘is in your face’ shoving life at you from all angles, you will find something in the pages that resonates with you.
  • An hour with Qaisra Shahraz - a talk
    An hour with Qaisra Shahraz - a talk In an incisive hour spent with bestselling author Qaisra Shahraz at the Flinders University recently she gave her small but interested audience an in-depth look into what makes a bestselling author and how she creates her characters and plot. Read more on this interesting hour with an internationally published Author in Authors.
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