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This is a wonderful book letting us enjoy  just what having a rant is all about: essentially getting it off your chest whatever has managed to really get you upset, get you going or make you completely fed up with something. In this case it is the broad subject of Authenticity which has set the author, in Peter York, up to have really good rant.

This is an intriguing read and true account of Marie’s life during the time of the Nazi occupation of Berlin during the Second World War. Miraculously Marie managed to hide out in Berlin over a period of three years moving between twenty safe houses, surviving only by using her wits and sheer determination to stay alive, whilst those around her perished or were moved on.

This 20th anniversary edition of Tashi has all the wonderfully familiar features, which bring instant recognition. The front cover consists of the single word TASHI, with the original picture of Tashi on a swan. The colours are all the same as the original edition as are the end pages. The size of the book is ideal for small hands.

It is comforting to sit down and read and revise those thoughts and guidelines that help to bring peace and balance to our lives. The renewal of spiritual energy and awareness of inner thoughts and intuitions is welcome. The book begins with the renewal of spiritual awareness that we need to be able to step through life calmly. It suggests ways we can quietly tune in to our inner goddess and listen to what she says.

For anyone, young or old looking to start out in business this is a must read on how to do and make the most of the opportunities presented to you.  For those already in business it is also a must read.

This is the story of a young man who was obviously born to be an entrepreneur.

April Bloomfield has invited herself into your kitchen via the pages of her latest book all about vegies: yep the fresh green, and red, and yellow and purple and orange vegies that can be grown in your home garden, purchased fresh from the greengrocers or local growers markets and made up into some tasty, delicious dishes that are cost effective, nutritious and yummy..

Once you get past the regulatory ‘language’ this is a funny, irreverent look at the the domestic scene and life with the family, told in the very witty and wise manner of comedienne Many Nolan.

Light and airy, spacious and intriguing are words which are just begging to describe this wonderful healing and joyous collection of music from David Franklin.

Each of the eighteen tracks that make up Playing with Shadows is unique and individual, written to gently offer a different perspective on life, living and healing.

In a very personal way, the David Suzuki acknowledges his aging and “elder “status. He is passionate about many issues surrounding the environment. Combining love of his family with his life's work and dreams in a book is a clever meld.

This is a very gently coloured, gently told story about clouds and friendship and persistence. The end papers at the beginning show just clouds; at the end they show clouds and another character, in a hot air balloon. This encases a story about a shift of opinion and the joy of discovery.

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