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Fleur McDonald has once again managed to capture the essence of the outback in Emerald Springs, a town like so many small towns in the Australian outback; a town where everyone knows you and also knows your business, whether they do or not.

It has taken an author and cultural journalist of Thilo Wydra's outstanding ability to present such a well-researched and documented biography.  Every statement, conversation and fact is backed up by a reference.  At the end of the book, there is an interview with Prince Albert who acknowledges the efforts, accuracy and detail that the author has maintained.  There is a large appendix, a chronology of years in Grace's life, a film-ology and a bibliography.

This fantasy story for young readers contains all the elements of a fantasy genre, put together in an excellent and cohesive manner.

Moll, the gypsy girl who knows that she is different, and Gryff, the wild cat, who is always at her side face their adventures together. 

A single delicate note, conception: growing into the birth of a fully fledge composition, so delicate and light, ethereal and transcendental, allowing you the time and place to simply be; to sit, to listen to think or to dream.

Set in Sydney in the eighties this is a tale which blends the days of the early settlers into modern times when a book released by author Christopher Marriston, telling the story of a curse which has been a part of his families history since the times of the convicts, sets off a cataclysmic chain of events which will almost destroy a family.

Encapsulated within the pages is a wonderful look at friendship and what the cost can be, delivered with a wry wit and a depth of insight into people, love and simply living life.

As with all music created by Deuter, it is magnificent; whether it is gentle and melodious or more energetic, it reaches out to touch the soul, to heal, to bring peace, comfort and tranquillity to the listener.

‘Hands of Love’ can be likened to silk on the skin, a deeply sensuous feel which engages as soon as it is felt, as does this serenely enchanting, reflective work.

There is the conflict that by being spiritual you are already endowed with richness, but the other side is that this richness will not pay the bills. Perhaps materialism will in some way conflict with spirituality.

In this book, Yildiz Sethi undertakes to deal with the topic of Richness combined with Spirituality, a subject area which has, over time, become one filled with both confusion and conflict from a fresh, new perspective.

It has always been said the at there is more to the traditional fairy tale than just the story about good and evil, but when Neil Gaiman gets hold of it, there is definitely more to it than ever before.

In his darkly creative manner, he turns the tale of Hanzel and Gretel inside out and upside down to present the story in a manner that will appeal, horrify and fascinate the modern, and not so modern, reader.

Cannabis, the weed that can do you no harm! The happy plant that brings you bliss, release from the daily grind and is not addictive at all! It can’t do you any long term harm, can it?

In this very comprehensive look at this little dose of Mother Nature’s cure-all product the experts, and they are that, people who have worked in, and done the research, have delivered  this one-stop-shop all about Cannabis, the effects, the long term destruction and the recovery for long term users of the plant.

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