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Exquisitely beautiful as only Japanese artwork can be, it is a privilege to be able to sit down and enjoy this selection of stunning woodblock prints which tells the story of the Japanese people as they discovered tourism; discovered places further afield than just their town or village.

This second novel and follow-on from ‘Resisting the Enemy’ is a well-constructed and enjoyable sequel that flows well even if you did not read the first book, which is tribute to the author.

The characters are very comfortable to get to know and you immediately slip into the world of France during the German Occupation, to a time when life was tough and the wrong step could get you killed, simply to prove a point.

Poor Paige! Our lives are constantly beset with problems and obstacles to overcome. Her journey is no different, but she has many physical and emotional issues to deal with as well.

Pure joy and happiness from the first to the last are captured to perfection in this second release by pianist Adam Andrews.

No matter how many times you listen, the entire album it is representative of the gurgling stream of life as it is born in creation from that single note or droplet, gathering momentum as it playfully skips and leaps along its chosen course.

Adoption, Fostering and Step families are issues which have always been surrounded in emotion, whatever the reason. The desire to care for a child from a differing background, or backgrounds, is strong in many people. Most who take on the care of small children through their formative years, from weeks old in many cases, also, as time goes by, face a raft of challenges which can be unique to their and the child situation.

Kinsella’s work is magnificent, raw; the words coming together in form and shape to evoke the essence of the moment in time he is creating.

This entire exploration of the feminine power is based on the life of Wu Zhao, the only woman to ever officially rule China. Her rule led to many changes and developments in China which were deemed as extremely radical at the time, many of which are now considered a normal component of life and times in modern and ancient China.

Margaret Cahill was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma sometime after being unwell. Her world came to a shuddering halt as, with many of these conditions, there were no definitive answers available, just a long journey of uncertainty ahead.

Russell Suereth believes people should have spiritual havens but these do not need to be in any one fixed place; they can be a car, a place in the bush, a quiet moment by the fireside or walking along a deserted beach in the winter chill. Basically, anywhere you choose.

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Latika Bourke

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Latika was born in India and adopted as a baby by an Australian family at eight months. After finishing her degree in communications at Charles Stuart University, she was the political reported at Radio 2UE. In 2010 Latika was awarded the Walkley Award for Young Journalism, and has since worked as a political reporter for the ABC. She is currently the National Political Reporter at Fairfax Media..She is also the 2015 recipient of the Elizabeth O'Neill Journalism Award. Courtesy Allen & Unwin

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