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This is a very brave look at exactly what it takes and the commitment required to be able to ‘kick the habit’, in a world where enjoying a drink, or three, is normal.  There is no medical advice, expert theories, homilies or other such support information in the pages, just one woman’s struggle with and efforts to live her life free from alcohol, which makes this a very powerful, reflective look at how she and we, by association in the greater more of things, choose to live our life.

What a satisfying story this is! Laced with humorous lines and very human parenthood blunders, the story relates how Lisa's life is about to undergo radical changes. Her husband of twenty three years has discovered a soul mate by the name of Belle (or Cow bell) as Lisa calls her. When it seems the marriage is ended, Lisa decides to move back to Australia where she was born.

To put it bluntly this is a book that gamers will love as it is action packed, fast moving, contains a lot of detail on guns, and small arms, ammo,  fast chases, destruction and death.

Don’t let this put you off because once you get past all of that the plot is really very good.

Kick Lannigan has got history: History she has worked hard at placing behind her. It doesn’t always work as she has a face that is well known to the press and the porn industry and a mother who has dedicated her life to supporting other parents of kidnap victims.

Kidnapped in plain view Kick spent six years living a life that was totally false, hiding from other people and learning far, far more about life on the wrong side of the law than she ever should have known.

Endlessly timeless, drifting slowly and gently through space.  Weightless in extreme; Delicate feelings of utter peace within as you drift through the void that is time, place and rebirth.

Absolute: completely at peace with choice you sink ever deeper into your inner being.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said all disease begins in the gut and although we have come a long way in modern medicine this is still fundamentally true: If your digestive tract is unhealthy you will not enjoy good health.

Dr Sandra Cabot, award winning author says you can overcome your bowl problems with a holistic approach to good health, particularly good digestive tract health and has, in her latest book offered practical and potentially lifesaving advice into eating for health and longevity.

Gregory once again has skilfully recreated Tudor England through the pages of what can almost be read as a diary of Margaret Pole as she struggles, not just for survival but for her beliefs and allegiances in a time when to trust was to die. Having risen to a place of some considerable power within the Court, the cold hand of betrayal reaches out not just to Margaret but to those she loves and holds dear.

Starting out with an tremendously upbeat track in Brazil, you immediately think of flamboyance and party time but equally as quickly move into a time and place one can only call reflective and melodic, slow and gentle, which, over Gronau’s past few albums has been becoming more and more apparent.

(how a ship load of convicts survived the wreck of the “Hive” to make a new life in Australia.)

This is an intensely researched history of early Australian settlement, focussing on a group of Irish convicts.  The 250 Irish prisoners, who were transported to New South Wales in 1835, were shipwrecked off the coast of Booderee National Park, New South Wales.  All the convicts survived, and were escorted to the Colony by Aboriginal people.

Although this is billed as the first book in a Fantasy Series for 7-12 year olds, it’s a great read for anyone who loves Fantasy Sci-Fi, as it holds the interest right up until the final word, something that is not always achievable and while definitely Fantasy, could almost be believable.  Well almost!

Cole and his friends are having a high old time of it at Halloween, but somehow something goes wrong, but how wrong, Cole is yet to find out.

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