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In her debut novel, Rowena Holloway has created an intriguing mystery which will keep you entertained and guessing until the astonishing end. And No, you cannot read the last chapter first!

Dr Moseley, scientist, together with Mimi Spencer, journalist and author, has updated this successful book. The research that they have continued to develop shows us many reasons why fasting is a simple and healthy way to lose weight.

Once known as the World's greatest cat burglar, Atticus Claw has changed his ways and become a member of the Cheddar family.  Mr Cheddar is the local Police Inspector, and Atticus now holds the title of the World's best Police cat.  Although not the bravest of Police cats, he still knows many helpful tricks that will help to catch the baddies.

Aimed at the 14 going on 500 year old market this is young chick lit at its best as the many conflicts of growing up, making the right choices and love are all woven skilfully into the story of bright girl Frankie Landau-Banks, and her headlong flight into challenging the ‘status quo’.

Taking on the job of writing the history of Australia is a mammoth task, because although we are a relatively ‘new ‘country as countries go, the past is as vast and vibrant as any which has been many more years in the making.

In Volume 3, from Keneally, he deals with the years from post-World War 1 to Vietnam, the social effects, the morals, the changes of society and the moulding of what has become modern Australia.

Two great summer reads from Sarah Pekkanen,  under the same cover  takes a look at life and its little foibles: What happens when you have a successful life, everything seems to be going your way and suddenly it all comes to a crashing halt!

Billed as compelling reading , it sure is and should be a book which is read by all budding and experienced athletes, as to just what can, and will, and does happen when you push a thing to far and it becomes an obsession; an obsession that everyone around you can see but you consider is OK.

Move over ‘Where’s Wally’, as the Beatles have burst onto the scene, not quite as they did in the ‘60’s when their music hit the airwaves, but in picture format making the key aspects of their rise to fame come alive again in a completely new dimension.

What exactly is Home. Home can be anywhere you choose to be, under a tree, in a house or living on a boat, that is your choice. There is much more to the word Home than is first realised as, surprisingly, the concept we attribute to the word Home is relatively recent, only as old as the turn of the 19th century.

Looking behind who you are or rather who you have become in order to allow yourself to become the person you were always meant to be, is the driving message offered to you as you read your way to happiness, joy and internal peace.

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