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Yes, well what can one say about a graphic novel full of this totally uncouth, to use an old fashioned word, youth who seems to have some sort of appeal to the ‘whatever’ generation. Looking below the obvious, which you have to do unless you enjoy reading a lot of expletive, the underlying message seems to be a total ‘up yours’, towards the establishment, portraying that anarchy rules or at least should, in his family and surroundings at least.

Just in time for Christmas reading or giving is the latest from well-loved author Sophie Tilley and her much loved Amelie and Nanette as they too start to get ready for the Christmas season.

The two best friends are very excited as the end of the school years has come and they are getting ready for the Christmas play.

There is obviously more under the striking red wrapper of Babybel cheese than is first anticipated with a raft of new, tasty and delicious ways to cook, serve and temp the pallet; all combined inside the very jazzy cover.

This is absolutely an insiders story of how a practising surgeon from a wealthy, respected family in Baghdad, came to Australia as a refugee. I have heard and seen many news reports and television documentaries about refugees, but have never followed one person’s journey from beginning to end. This account is factually told about his hasty decision to “leave now or be shot.”

Originally released over forty years ago, this story has never lost its appeal or become dated. At that time, most children's books told stories that were sweet or sometimes adventurous or classic tales and mostly uplifting. Maurice Sendak broke that mould with “Where the wild things are”!

 Judith Viorst recognized that children see the injustices of life and that things are often NOT FAIR!

Beautifully titled for the content this is definitely a Magpies collection of odd bits and pieces, which becomes addictive after reading the first story relating to Chariot racing and Roman hooliganism circa AD 51-96: after all what is really new in the world! Now it is just very fast cars.

Track one lets you straight into the ambience of the music as you can almost hear the snowflakes gently falling, the cold crispness of a still winters night and the depth of awe that comes just before the dawning of a new day. Beautiful, soft and gentle, let the peace wash over you.

With the author's words “Fiction is the best way of telling the Truth” I knew this would not be a comfortable book to read. Parenting has never been easy and identifying with someone else's questionable decisions makes for confronting reading.

The setting of this story is magnificent and comes alive with descriptions of Broome and its surrounds. The beautiful bays and turquoise waters, the mangroves where they go crabbing, and the starry sky, make a picturesque backdrop for this story.

Of all the Peanuts characters Woodstock would have to be the quiet achiever of the group as without uttering one single word manages to communicate his completely unique way of looking at life, via is great friend Snoopy.

To describe his view on life is as simple as it is subtle, but somehow manages to achieve everything he wants: from getting a free flight on a football to enticing Snoopy to hang upside down in a tree while they play ‘bats”.

To breast feed or to bottle feed that is the issue and never has an issue been so debated for so long with a variety of results, all ending usually in tears by one party or the other.

As the years have gone by it has become almost imperative that to be able to breast feed your baby is the absolute ultimate in becoming a mother. If you can’t you are immediately cast into the invidious position of being a poor mother.

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