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Ian M. Johnson is an acclaimed author and historian on his chosen subject Tractors, mostly old tractors and for this he makes no excuse. His love affair with these mighty beasts goes back to his boyhood in Scotland during the war years and has continued on to bring him much fun, frustration and laughter over many years.

In this graphic novel the story which has had a major impact on Australia and Australians is told again from yet another perspective, that of the other side, the side that was carefully built up on the military orders of the day, personal diaries of the men who fought and died at Gallipoli and the photographs still available from one of the most photographed wars in history.

When you set out to fracture a fairy story there is none better than Neil Gaiman to do the job.With this very grown up  fairy story he has managed to combine both the Sleeping Beauty with Snow White and come up with a very, very plausible yarn, which is something like both of them but so very different.

Snoopy is a much loved creation of Charles M Schultz who has more than stood the test of time as like other Peanuts characters he has his own very specific views on life and how he likes to live it.

Take for instance his gripe about rain. Why, he asks when it rains does it have to rain in his face, Why can’t it rain on his feet! Ergo, it then proceeds to rain on his feet only.

Short stories are a wonderful way to introduce and complete an idea. This book is composed of thirty short stories based around the theme of travel.  It provides an amazing overview of ideas and perspectives. Set in many countries, some stories are written by women who were born there and have returned. Others are travellers with a passion to see and understand other lands and cultures.

Pure sound with shape may seem to be a lot to have to relate too but when this double album was created in in San Francisco in 1976, a sector of society was on a quest for spiritual pathways, alternate lifestyle and music that could transcend the ordinary and encourage deep meditation. This acoustic piano music was definitely a sound that was cutting edge, perhaps before its time, but in so many ways timely in its meditative qualities.

This story is as comforting as the delicious cakes served in Leni's teashop. The author has cleverly woven together stories of ordinary local people from all walks of life. Leni's teashop, recently opened, and situated in Yorkshire, becomes a central meeting place. A group of people become friendly and gradually share their stories and the current issues in their lives.

This novel is like a delectable piece of pastry. There are so many layers in the themes, characters and the plot that it becomes compelling as you read and expose more layers.

The book begins with a funeral. Pandora, the main character, has just lost her mother unexpectedly. A sombre start; but as the coffin is being lowered, one of the men lets the strap slip and the coffin falls sideways into hole. Comedy! Surely not....

On the fly leaf of the cover wrap it indicates the words in the book go with a piece of music or perhaps they are a song – obviously! If this is the case, providing the CD would make an excellent addition to the book as it would make a better package. The rhyme, or lyrics if you prefer, seems to lack something, perhaps music!

When Alberta gets a non-birthday card and letter from her cousin Coco, the Police Chief in a city of Buenos Aires she decides the best thing to do, after figuring out just what his letter meant, was to go and visit him. She packs her few things and sets off to Argentina.

When she gets there she finds her cousin in disguise and very, very, afraid: but of what!

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