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This is the third book in the Sniper Elite series and is a cliff hanging, nail biting follow-up to American Sniper which will keep you completely enthralled and one could say almost completely on the edge of your seat until the final, compelling finale.

When Nathan Goodman hit the middle years his life took a dramatic change. Not one he had planned on, but one never the less. His wife of 35 years, Sylvia left him for her gym instructor.

Having moved to L.A .from Perth, Western Australia in order to study at University of Southern California (USC),I completed my Master’s degree and have  gone on to record my first album in ‘Phantoms’, something I have wanted to be able to do for some time.

This is a truly magnificent tome. For people who enjoy travel writing, a dash of history, and may have travelled themselves, this is magic. The compilers of these articles say in the Introduction, that a reader can take off “On a fresh excursion, each and every day of the year”. It is true, these stories are to be savoured a few at a time.

Because Emma writes and illustrates her own work, the cohesiveness is marvellous. The text and the illustrations complete the story together. The title is simply “Happy”with the text repeated on many of the pages. “I know that you are happy...”

A baby wolf can see, hear and feel how much she is loved. Each page in this book shows how her mother is by her side in the woods, as they walk along, or as they cuddle up together, in the snow. Her mother is very visible to the cub, while speaking of her love and pride for the little one and sheltering her with the larger body.

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Jessica Rowe

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JESSICA ROWE is a broadcaster and writer who, in a career spanning over twenty years, has worked at all the major Australian commercial television networks. She is currently a presenter on Channel 10's morning show, Studio 10.

Jessica is co-author of the bestselling book The Best of Times, The Worst of Times with her mother, Penelope Rowe. In her second book, Love, Wisdom, Motherhood, Jessica interviewed prominent women about their lives and shared their conversations.

Jessica is patron of the Mental Health Council of Australia and patron of beyondblue's work on post-natal depression. In 2015, she was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia for her long commitment to mental health advocacy and her broadcasting career. She lives in Sydney with her husband, journalist Peter Overton, and their two young daughters. Jessica is a graduate of the Faber Academy's Writing Memoir course.

A percentage of the purchase price of every book sold will be donated to beyondblue. Courtesy Allen & Unwin

Jessica Rowe graces the television screens of the nation daily as one of the hosts of the popular show morning television show, The Studio.

But behind the sparkle, the wit, the love of a debating the daily news items and flawless personal presentation, there is a person who has worked hard in her career, has done the hard yards in her personal life, faced difficult and devastating times when her burgeoning career was derailed in spectacular fashion, but never gave up following her dream.

Each of the pieces on this latest album from Dan Chadburn have been written in tribute of, or respect for some of the many people who have touched and inspired him on his life journey, from his professor and mentor Dr Calvin Knapp to right through to his long-time companion and best friend his dog, Kya.

Journals are very personal things, a bit like diaries of times long gone, packed full of fascinating things considered as very important all those years ago. They are also, as the years slip by, somewhat of a social commentary on how the person creating the works saw their life and the things that were worth recording to them at the time.

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