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Quincy M.E. is back with another forensic filled 22 episode season. This fifth outing sees our favourite medical examiner tackle highly contentious issues such as suspect marijuana, teen prostitution and Soviet spies to name a few.
There are murders aplenty in the latest Midsomer Murders boxset, Season 15 Part 1. Disc one kicks off with The Dark Rider a torrid tale featuring the DeQuetteville family where upon a member of this esteemed family falls to his death after seeing a headless horseman. What follows is a…
First there was Wolf Creek, now meet its sister flick, The Loved Ones. It shares an abduction or two that doesn’t begin or end particularly well.
Peter Cushing is a name synonymous with the Hammer horror films but there’s another role he made his own, that of the infamous Baker Street sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. Taking over from Douglas Wilmer as Arthur Conan Doyle's great detective, Cushing has done a fantastic job in the five surviving stories…
Back in 1977 there was no CSI, there was Quincy M.E. And the strong-willed Los Angeles County medical examiner played by the inimitable, Jack Klugman has finally arrived on DVD.
Sherlock Holmes (and the many incarnations) is all the rage at the moment. And this one is nothing like the others. Imagine crossing Sherlock Holmes with James Bond and that’s what you get in this 1976 version of the famous English detective.
Join Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby and Detective Sergeant Ben Jones for more mystery, murder and mayhem in the first four episodes of Season 13. This also marks John Nettles’ final season as the likeable Inspector and gives you the first opportunity to check out his successor, Cousin John Barnaby…

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