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They come in all shapes and sizes, from the remarkable to the astonishing. From creative to what could be considered as seriously futuristic, the houses of this millennium to date have begun to redefine the standards and scope of architecture like never before.
When four women of a similar age, similar souls and similar passions get together to cook, a wonderful bond is formed.  This bond is so strong, that over the four year period of the story, each woman has an opportunity to discuss and disclose aspects of her earlier life, never…
The information contained in Blair Inc. is based on some serious research carried out by the team of Beckett, Henke and Kochan in a genuine desire to take a serious look at the pathway Tony Blair has travelled since his days as the British Prime Minister. Shrouded in secrecy, “Blair…
Many years after the end of the Second World War, Ben Reynolds daughter asked him what the most important personal thing in his life was. His answer was ‘Freedom’. In his story, he tells you why he considered ‘Freedom’ the most personally important thing in his life.
Onesies are back again in high fashion and demand for the littlies: but I guess if you are super clever, and would love a funky set of Onesies for grown-ups, you too can grab a few ideas and patterns from this wonderful collection of outfits designed to please the young…
Fleur McDonald has once again managed to capture the essence of the outback in Emerald Springs, a town like so many small towns in the Australian outback; a town where everyone knows you and also knows your business, whether they do or not.
It has taken an author and cultural journalist of Thilo Wydra's outstanding ability to present such a well-researched and documented biography.  Every statement, conversation and fact is backed up by a reference.  At the end of the book, there is an interview with Prince Albert who acknowledges the efforts, accuracy…
It is seldom that a book comes along that leaves you so impressed.  Rebecca Solnit is gifted in so many ways.  She is gifted as a writer, has a scholarly understanding of many issues, and conveys her thoughts eloquently.
This fantasy story for young readers contains all the elements of a fantasy genre, put together in an excellent and cohesive manner. Moll, the gypsy girl who knows that she is different, and Gryff, the wild cat, who is always at her side face their adventures together. 
During the Great War (World War 1) and subsequently World War 2 many indigenous Australians joined the Australian Armed Forces serving overseas with little recognition. Reg Saunders was the first indigenous Australian solider to become and officer, a position which was earned on merit, respect and intelligence.
Fortune Telling or being able to understand what is happening now and why and what is to come in the future is something which has fascinated people since time immemorial. Many years ago it could get you hung or drowned as a witch, but on the other hand in many…
As the title suggests, this book shows the Royal William, Kate and Baby George welcoming their new son and brother, pre-empting the real event.  Although the story could be about any young family bringing home a new baby, it is quite representative of a Royal Family.
Set in Sydney in the eighties this is a tale which blends the days of the early settlers into modern times when a book released by author Christopher Marriston, telling the story of a curse which has been a part of his families history since the times of the convicts,…
Encapsulated within the pages is a wonderful look at friendship and what the cost can be, delivered with a wry wit and a depth of insight into people, love and simply living life.
When David’s personal life hit the wall he was left feeling challenged in every respect. His belief in self had taken a beating as he was learning to cope with life as a single parent and becoming one person again, not one half of a couple. Life kept throwing what…
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