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Instrumental (45)

Pure sound washes over you with the opening bars of this wonderful new release by the talented Kerani, with her latest work created in homage to feminine energy: to the women of history who have made a difference; to the women who are such an integral component of everyday life.
Light and airy, spacious and intriguing are words which are just begging to describe this wonderful healing and joyous collection of music from David Franklin. Each of the eighteen tracks that make up Playing with Shadows is unique and individual, written to gently offer a different perspective on life, living…
Timothy Wenzel is at it again, creating alchemy from notes of music, ideas of the mind, the love of the wind, the earth and the storm, melding all these aspects together to bring together joy, love and relaxation in timeless harmony.

Firelight Featured

As always with their music Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli, Terra Guitarra,  have created a wonderful blend of upbeat, easy to listen to and delightfully uncomplicated pieces which lift the heart, warms the soul and brings a great sense of peace and freedom.
Opening with a marvellously light, pulsing piece in L’Italiana you find your hips swinging and your feet tapping immediately: then the accordion joins in to give that something extra that takes you straight into the streets of any place in Italy you choose to be; a place where you can…
Starting out with an tremendously upbeat track in Brazil, you immediately think of flamboyance and party time but equally as quickly move into a time and place one can only call reflective and melodic, slow and gentle, which, over Gronau’s past few albums has been becoming more and more apparent.
It doesn’t matter what interpretation you choose to place on this music, chill-out, balearic groove, or ‘into-everything’ as the promo material would have it, Mark Barrott has created something special; something that captures the essence that is the Balearic Islands group in all its moods. From the relaxing yet up…
Emerging out of the piano notes comes a gently enticing, sensually haunting note of a trumpet played softly to coerce the listener into coming in that little bit closer, to ease into the moment created by a gentle touch on the keys. And that is just the beginning of this…
Want to go on a journey but can’t leave home: don’t stress it with this latest album from Jack Gates you can do just that via your armchair, kitchen table or on the journey to work. Based on the age old method of storytelling via music when troubadours brought the…
Drifting effortlessly out of the ether, Nocturnes takes you to a place of ease and relaxation. Shades of the softness of the night grace the notes, offering a  time for dreaming, reflecting and pondering of things to come and things which have passed. Gentle and yet persuasive you find yourself…
In letting go of sorrow Gronau has created yet another complex and contemplative album moving and shifting over landscape, that not only of the Bahamas and other places, but of the soul and spirit. The title of the album is in direct relation to the feeling of moving through time…
Take a classical instrument such as the flute and place it with a more modern instrument in acoustic guitar then sit back and expect the unexpected: in Transformation you’ve got it. Pure exquisiteness, if that’s a word, for the music that flows from these two performers only barely descibes the…
Stand back and take plunge into some truly liberating, spiritual liberation that is, music when you take a listen what is basically Richard Schulman and friends enjoying themselves creating something rather special in the medium of healing through the gift of music.

Dragonfly Featured

If you are having one of those days when you need a pick-up and change of pace this album is just the thing to lift the spirits and put that little bit of mo back in your mojo. Created in the nuevo-flamenco style of guitar each track, commencing with the…
Synthesiser, Piano: Piano, Synthesiser: add a bit of percussion, a lick of guitar now and then, a very clever artist and there you have it, future music with an ethereal, definitely other-world feel to it.
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