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‘To leap spellbound into our life as if there was no……as if… all’, is a captivating beginning to the piece entitled ‘Spellbound Leap’ and an exquisite example of the power simple words can have when they are gathered together by the hands of a master in Paul Goldman.
John Southworth is an acclaimed singer songwriter. David Ouimet is a New York born and bred artist: together they have create a work as mysterious and beguiling as a trip down Alice In Wonderland’s Rabbit Hole, based somewhere in modern times or is it?

Snow Featured

This is a glorious book on several levels, not just for children as it would be easy to assume, but for the entire family. Walter de la Mare wrote these words long, long, ago, about a winter’s day, when the snow falls ever so gently; whirling and falling, icy in…
Billed as the ‘best poet of his generation’ for his contemporary and confrontational style, Armitage’s work certainly grabs attention. His use of the English language to portray in so few words stark images is outstanding.
Take the time to enter into oneness when you open the pages of Goldman’s latest divinely guided prose.Step into the space that is self and steep your psyche into the healing, cleansing and comforting experience which will wash over you almost immediately upon reading the first line in the first…
Compelling and hauntingly beautiful, a taste of river water lingers in the memory, peeling back the layers of time to yesterday, tomorrow and years gone by.
Bitter sweet, short and sharp the poetry of Linda Coggin hits both the heart and the nerve of those who read her words.
Dipping into this anthology of poetry is one of the best stress measures I have come across in a long time. Joining Riddell on his journeys about the world, Australia or in his own back yard of Denmark, each verse, poem or musing reaches in and touches the soul.

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