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Jennifer Saunders is more than just a comedian, she is also a horse enthusiast and a former pony clubber. This two-part documentary unearths a need to get “back in the saddle” after 40 years to fulfil her childhood dream, champion showjumper. So Jennifer decides to compete in the 2012 Badminton…
This is the story of man's best friend and man's most adopted friend. National Geographic has grouped these fascinating 50-minute documentaries onto one DVD.
The wide eyed Lemur is disappearing before our eyes.  Join British actor Martin Clunes as he trawls the jungles of Madagascar with a group of tireless conservationists, in search of this endangered primate. Best known for TV series Doc Martin and Men Behaving Badly, this self confessed animal lover takes…
Welcome to Greenway, home of Agatha Christie. Set on the banks of the river dart in Devon, this one-hour investigation gives the viewer unprecedented access into her private life, summer retreat and how it influenced her novels.

Catwoman Featured

 Did you know the domestic cat is the most popular pet in the world? And two of them live with me, yes I am a cat person. Joanna Lumley turns cat detective in this two-part documentary as she travels to Egypt, Belgium, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico, Belize and Namibia in…
Who doesn’t want to watch a TV series narrated by Captain Kirk himself, Willam Shatner and this one showcases some of Australia’s most amazing marine life our East Coast can offer courtesy of husband and wife underwater filmmaking team Ron and Valerie Taylor.
“How did the Orient Express acquire its mythical status?” This question is posed by the incomparable Sir Peter Ustinov as he takes us aboard the most famous luxury train in history. Filmed in 1991, Sir Peter sets out from London and it is not long before he meets a series…
Ever wondered how OUR Princess Mary fills her day? Well here’s your chance to find out. The Kingdom is a documentary-style peek into the Danish Royal Household. The series comprises of seven 30-minute episodes, each one allowing us an insight into their 2010 private and public moments.
National treasure, Stephen Fry takes us back in time to the medieval era in this fascinating documentary about the life of Johannes Gutenberg and his invention, the printing press. Fry relishes the opportunity to gather fellow Gutenberg admirers to recreate a fully operational Gutenberg printing press, complete with movable type…

Gasland Featured

Sick children, flames coming out of kitchen taps, dying animals, contaminated waterways; sounds like a nightmare of some third world country doesn't it? But no, it's in the USA.

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