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The task of following a career pathway is more often than not very difficult, even more so should you be a woman or a person of a minority ethnic group. Who can you talk to, who can you trust to help you along your chosen pathway and how do you…
There is absolutely no doubt what-so-ever that anything to do with Rupert Murdoch can almost be considered the thing novels are written about: fascinating but a figment of someone’s imagination. The defining difference is the world of Rupert Murdoch is all too real: he is dealing with real people, world…
Over the past year or more we have all been made well aware of Rupert Murdoch and his global news empire News Corporation due to the “phone hacking scandal’ involving the closure of the well know Daily Mail newspaper and to some who watch world news political power play diligently,…
This fun little book takes a refreshing new look at how to run a business ethically and successfully with a little bit of mysticism added in just for fun. The content is well set out which makes it very easy to readJudy and Dan Smith had extensive experience in marketing…

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