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For more than thirty years Ken Duncan has travelled the world capturing those precious moments in time that not only can record a history of the world as it is and was, but so many more times captures the true beauty of the world in all its many guises; magnificence,…
Ah, those were the days. Every generation is about change of some sort but perhaps, and this may be a nostalgia reflection, none that followed have been quite like the ‘60’s. Thankfully, much of this wondrous time has been captured in a magnificent collection of images by the Morrisons which…
With the advent of the digital age and in particular digital cameras fantastic photographs have come within reach of anyone who can afford a simple point and shoot camera. Keen amateur photographer John Van Put has combined his love of photography along with his collection of hundreds of simple tips…
The second edition dummies manual for photographers is full of beautiful photographs and great hints on how to get the best out of your digital camera.As a keen photographer myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were hints and tips in this manual that have helped me in…

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